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The satisfaction of our clients is always in the first place
We offer our clients proven services in the field of 100% quality control (sorting), processing and painting of products, cleaning of industrial buildings or handling services. We always do everything for the satisfaction of our clients.
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A reliable job that is waiting for you
We are a reliable support for our employees. A stable working environment and fair conditions guarantee the satisfaction of our employees. We also offer physically undemanding work, for which we will train you without any problems.
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About us - our services

We are a family company founded in 2006, we started with cleaning and cleaning work of industrial premises and since 2014 we have been performing 100% quality control (sorting) and various processing of products.

100% quality control (sorting)

We perform quality control in our own premises in Prievidza and Dolné Vestenice. We do a visual-manual inspection of the products. We detect and identify discrepancies and deviations according to the catalog of errors supplied by the customer. The worker has a specially adapted table, a magnifying glass and a lamp.

Modification, processing and painting of products

At this workplace, we do various modifications of products according to customer requirements, such as: sanding, trimming and trimming of rubber flows, painting, embalming and packaging of products.

Cleaning services of industrial buildings

We focus on performing complex cleaning, hygiene and additional services according to the customer's requirements and the nature of the focus of his production or business activity. We also deal with the cleaning of industrial buildings, cleaning of technological equipment, handling and sorting of waste generated during the production process.

and transportation of products

We carry out handling work on a forklift, transport of products for the customer with our own vans up to 3.5t.


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Modification, processing and quality control of rubber products. Cleaning of industrial buildings and administrative premises.
(Management system standard ISO 9001:2015)